Funding My LLC

Funding My LLC: The Importance of Networking

Leveraging Your Network

funding-my-llcNever underestimate the power of networking. Whether through friends, family, startup events, or chance meetings, networking can be a wellspring of money, guidance, and the expertise you need to get funded and get going. Moreover, once your business is up and running, your network is going to be a valuable source of loyal customers who will be enthusiastic evangelists for your products and your venture

Be Prepared to Give Your Pitch!

Whether you’re seeking investment, guidance or partnerships, you’ll need to make the right impression if you’re going to convince others to jump on board. You should be prepared to give a compelling pitch, even at a moment’s notice. Try practicing on friends or family, and be sure that you convey enthusiasm for the business, but one that is grounded in a realistic understanding of your target market, as well as the costs and complications of doing business.If you have a passion for your business idea, and you’ve done enough homework, opportunities will surely come!

Business Cards!

Be sure to have quality business cards, and don’t hesitate to ask for those of others. Whether you’re in need of investors, customers, or collaborators, business cards can make a strong impression, and may bring you unforeseen opportunities later down the road.

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Partners vs. Investors: Tips on Partnerships

The Advantages of a Partnership

Getting a business up and running requires a lot work, and may be overwhelming for one person. While investors can provide you with crucial monetary backing, working with a partner who contributes knowledge, expertise and passion, may be a more surefooted path toward a successful business.

How to Choose a Compatible Business Partner

Choosing a compatible partner is vital. Try to avoid rushing into a partnership, and take care to partner with someone who shares your values, compliments your personality and management style, and is willing to invest themselves fully in your enterprise. It’s also important to remember that “the more the merrier” doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to partnerships. Having too many partners can be paralyzing for a small business.

Don’t Rush into a Partnership!

Successful startups need a unified vision, a coherent strategy, and efficiencies in decision-making and management so that they can adapt to constantly changing circumstances. While a solid partnership can be a huge boost of energy and resources, an overextended partnership can slow you down, and even imperil your new business. If you take your time, do your research, and remain selective, a partnership might be just the ticket to successfully launching your new business.

Crowdfunding: The Advantages

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of funding a project or venture by raising relatively small amounts of money from large numbers of people. This approach has a number of benefits even beyond an influx of startup cash. A compelling crowdfunding campaign can be a great way to market your new business, and attract a base of loyal and enthusiastic investors, and especially future customers.

Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign

In addition to gaining a broad base of social support for your product, or service, you can also raise a significant amount of money. While the typical investor on crowdfunding platforms tends to give in small doses, a well executed campaign can attract interest in large numbers, and thus ultimately generate a decent amount of cash. However, launching a successful a crowdfunding pitch, isn’t always cheap. Convincing others of the viability of your enterprise usually means spending of time and energy creating exceptional products or prototypes, and backing them up with solid business plan and strategy.

Explore Successful Crowdfunded Projects

To get a better picture of what you’ll need to create a successful crowdfunding campaign, check out these well-known crowdfunding sites. Take some time to browse the projects other entrepreneurs have submitted, especially those who have garnered a lot of buzz and backing!

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