Small Business Finances

From accounting to funding, simple tips for your small business

In many ways, financial management is the cornerstone of your business. All small business owners hope and strive for the day they see a return on their investment. By learning how to get funding, track expenses, manage invoicing, and take care of taxes, you’ll build the foundation to business finance intelligence.



Learn why you need to manage accounting and how to choose an effective accounting solution for your LLC. Learn more.

Funding My LLC

Funding My LLC 

There are many options to help your funding your new start-up, from getting investment to making a partnership. Learn more.

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards 

Business credit cards are an excellent way to manage your new business expenses while getting rewarded for spending. Learn more.

Managing Your Business Credit

Credit Monitoring 

The DUNS Number is a unique 9-digit identification number for your business.  Think of it as your company’s Social Security Number. Learn more.

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