Financial Tools

Do-It-Yourself Tools 

We’ve come a long way from the good old days of the pen and paper accounting ledger. With accounting software and cloud-based financial services, accounting has become a lot easier, more reliable, and more secure. Whether you’re an accounting wiz or a complete novice, these tools will make finance easy for your small business.

Which financial tools do I need to run a small business? 

If your accounting needs are very basic––you don’t have any employees and just want to keep track of income vs. expenses––stick with a simple spreadsheet on Google Drive. However, if you need to keep track of employees, send invoices, or even accept online payments, you would benefit greatly from integrated DIY accounting tools like Sage, or professional services like Bench.


Sage Accounting 

Sage is designed for automated and entrepreneur friendly accounting. Sage offers three tiers of service, but we recommend Sage One for small businesses because it starts at only $9 per month, and offers a lot of functionality.

  • Great for invoicing
  • Integrate your bank accounts
  • Accept payments online
  • Generate quick reports

Do you want professional help? 

If you would like the comfort of a professional accountant, but without the hassle of scheduling meetings or the cost burden of paying exorbitant fees, we recommend using a service like Bench.

Accounting in 3 steps 

To get started with Bench, all you’ll need to do is meet your account via web chat, and talk to them about your accounting needs. Once you’ve done that, you can send all of your information by email, or even by snapping a picture with your cell phone.

Bench’s Online Account Management and Storage 

Even though your accountant will be doing all the financial heavy lifting, Bench offers a great set of online tools so that you can access all the information that your accountant has, and safely store your businesses financial documents in the cloud. Bench has come up with a winning formula for small business finance and we highly recommend them!

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