Collaboration Tools 

Do I need collaborative tools? 

If you’re working with partners, sub-contractors or employees to launch a project, manage a client, or get your new business up and running, you will definitely benefit from project management and collaboration tools.

What are the benefits? 

Collaboration software lets a business share ideas and information between people and across an organization. This cloud-based software will let you track tasks, projects, and inventory; improve your customer relations, and manage your employees. You should also see:

  • Improved project management
  • More efficient workflow
  • S invoicing
  • Convenience of immediate access for employees, partners, and clients to important business information and documents

Collaboration platforms designed for small business: 



The most popular and most used project management tool for nearly a decade, Basecamp is famously easy-to-use, reliable and functional. Basecamp is a cloud-based project management software suite designed for easy setup that offers all of these benefits:

Multi-platform: You can access your projects on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.
Trusted: Used by everyone from shoe stores to Fortune 500 companies.
Easy-to-use: You don’t need any specialists, and setup only takes a few minutes

Basecamp Features:

  • Make to-do lists
  • Share files
  • Edit files together
  • Wiki-style web-based text documents
  • Time tracking tools for billing and time management
  • Set milestones, goals and project stages
  • Collaborate with messaging system
  • Integrated with Google Docs
  • A la carte Cloud storage
  • Synced across all your devices

Try Basecamp:

With a 60-day free trial, and plans starting as low as $20/Month, we highly recommend that small businesses give Basecamp a try.

Web Conferencing 

Collaborate with Web Conferencing 

If your business requires a lot of collaboration, you have remote employees, or require meetings with independent contractors, vendors, or customers, you will benefit tremendously from web-conferencing tools.

Companies like GoToMeeting and Cisco offer relatively inexpensive platforms for reliable multi-party web-conferencing, and while they don’t have the same extensive suite of features as project management software like Basecamp, they do have some handy collaborative tools.

Participants can either call either by phone (using a toll-free number), connect on their tablet or personal computer, with or without a webcam. These tools also allow participants to share and edit documents , record meetings, and share desktops remotely.

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